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Choice of prices:

– Adult: £40

– Family: £60

– Disability: £20

– Over 65: £20

– Student: £20

– Junior u18: £5

Day Tickets :

Adult £10

Junior u18 £2.50

Choice of Payment:

TRANSFER to: Polish Anglers NI – Danske Bank

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Donate our Charity Organization : Polish Anglers NI – Charity no. 107695

Public Benefits: The direct benefits which flow from these purposes include the increased participation in Angling as a sport, leading to the improvement of health and wellbeing as well as social and environmental education; the improved conditions of life and integration of members of migrant communities and the enhancement of good community relations which results from the organisations’ activities; the increase in wellbeing of vulnerable groups such as persons with mental health issues, the improved parent and child relationships and the impact on the confidence of parents and their positive parenting, the increased knowledge and respect for the environment, aquatic life, insect life and increased awareness of community and personal safety near water. This can be demonstrated through feedback from beneficiaries and partner agencies and data collected of activities, the annual accounts and reports of the organisation. There is no harm arising from the purposes. The charities beneficiaries are the members of migrant communities, school children, parents and their children, disadvantaged persons and communities that the charity engages with, and individuals who through involvement with the charity are able to practice angling as a healthy recreational activity which enhances their welfare and sense of wellbeing. The charity sometimes pays for the services of a fully qualified and certificated angling coach to teach angling skills, to undertake risk assessments and ensure that activities near the water are conducted in a safe manner with appropriate safety instruction, safety equipment available and children adequately supervised, but any personal benefit derived is an incidental and necessary consequence of the organisation undertaking its charitable activities and ensuring the health and safety of its beneficiaries.

What does our organization do: Polish Anglers NI encourages people to take up the sport of angling to improve their wellbeing, and through its programmes and activities and the events it organises brings people together to relieve disadvantaged groups, and to create positive social development opportunities. The organisation provides support to members of migrant communities within Northern Ireland promoting their social inclusion and wellbeing and through the organisation of activities and events assists in their integration into the community and promotes good community relations It also works with communities to promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged persons and to relieve their conditions of life. For example Angling is used to engage and work with adults with mental health issues, to get them outdoors in a natural environment, which helps to improved their sense of wellbeing, and provide the opportunity to learn new skills in a group environment, and to take up angling as a healthy recreational activity. Polish Angling NI works with a number of sure start programmes and provides an environment for fathers to build their relationships with their children and develop their parenting skills in a supportive environment, through engaging in the sport of Angling as a shared activity. Polish Angling NI also works with schools to introduce the sport of angling, educate about the environment and aquatic and insect life, and to promote an understanding of safety near lakes and waterways.